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Airdrop farming has become a bigger sector in crypto as people realize the ability to grow a small portfolio into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Following the very successful Arbitrum airdrop, every man and their dog is hunting for the next $10,000+ airdrop.

In this article, I’m going to cover 5 potential up-and-coming airdrops where you could find yourself airdropped a nice bag of tokens just by participating in the ecosystem, let’s dive in.


zkSync is perhaps the most anticipated airdrop with much of the community abuzz exploring different protocols within the ecosystem you can interact with to potentially earn eligibility for the airdrop.

Here at On Chain Updates, we have written up an in-depth guide on how to earn your spot at the zkSync airdrop table, you can view that article here.

To sum it up here, these are the following protocols you should interact with and actions you should take on the zkSync mainnet.

Bridge to the zkSync mainnet: First thing you should do for any airdrop is bridge your funds to the network. ZkSync has its own bridge as well as there are a handful of other bridges in the ecosystem.

How can I qualify for the zkSync airdrop?

  1. Use the zkSync bridge
  2. Use DEXs such as Mute
  3. Mint a domain on zkSync
  4. Participate in as many DEX’s, bridges, and other DeFi protocols on zkSync


Sui is a layer 1 blockchain that boasts scalability, fast transactions, and low transaction fees. recently launching its testnet now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor and hopefully get airdrop eligibility.

The development team behind Sui recently raised $300M valuing the company at $2B, this gives us a general idea of how large the potential airdrop could be.

How can I qualify for the SUI airdrop?

  1. Install and start using the Sui Wallet
  2. Request Sui testnet tokens
  3. Stake Sui
  4. Transfer Sui
  5. Participate in NFT and domain protocols on Sui


Shardeum is a new layer 1 blockchain designed for its EVM compatibility and scalability. Utilizing a sharding mechanism the network is able to run smart contracts linearly allowing for a higher scalability and much higher TPS than many other layer 1 networks.

Shardeum recently raised $18m from over 50 different investors, while this may be lower than some of the other potential airdrops on this list their airdrop could still rake you in 4 or even 5 figures for very little work.

How can I qualify for the Shardeum airdrop?

  1. Use the Shardeum faucet to receive testnet tokens
  2. Mint a domain NFT on nft.shardeum
  3. Use DEXPad
  4. Use disperse to distribute tokens to multiple addresses


Starknet is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum helping with its scalability and congestion issues. Utilizing ZK roll-up technology Starknet plans to be able to host and scale dApps on a much larger scale than other L2 and L1 blockchains have been able to in the past.

The project has currently raised $273 million in investments including investments from Ethereum and Paradigm.

How can I qualify for the Starknet airdrop?

  1. Install a starknet wallet such as ArgentX
  2. Start using Orbiter bridge
  3. Use DEXs such as JediSwap & MySwap
  4. Mint & buy NFTs on Mintsqaure & Aspect


Metamask is the biggest and most well-known Web3 wallet. An airdrop has been rumored for years with the community wondering when or if it will ever happen.

ConsenSys the company behind Metamask has recently been valued at $7bn after a series D funding round. As well as getting such as high valuation the CEO, Joe Lubin recently announced that a Metamask token in on its way.

As perhaps the most used dApp in the crypto space there is every chance that the Metamask airdrop surpasses even the Arbitrum and Uniswap airdrops which both saw users getting upwards of 10’s of thousands of dollars airdropped.

How do I qualify for the Metamask airdrop?

  1. Use the built-in swap feature
  2. Use the Metamask bridge
  3. Use popular apps with Metamask such as Uniwswap
  4. Connect to Metamask portfolio


As we have seen in the past, airdrops can be a great way to earn 4 or even 5 figures for very little work. The best thing you can do when airdrop farming is to keep it simple and just interact in as many protocols such as bridges and dexes on the given network you are farming.