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Key Takeaways

  • The Solana NFT ecosystem has established “bluechips”
  • Combine strong team + strong community to find winners
  • The best projects to invest in are established “bluechips”

With the Solana NFT space booming even during this bear market a lot of people are now seeing it as a great buying opportunity and investment.

With dozens of Solana NFT collections launching everyday it can be hard to weed your way through the rug pulls and low quality projects to find the winners. From my time in the Solana NFT space I have noticed a fairly simple formula that can be used to find winners.

Community + Builders.

It really is that simple. A strong community is necessary to continuously spread the message and to “diamond hand” their NFTs.

A team of “builders” is the second part of the formula that is necessary to keep the project relevant and bring utility to the holders. Combine these two and often you will find yourself a winning Solana NFT project.

Interested in launching you own Solana NFT project? Check out our write ups on building and promoting Solana NFT collections.

Top 5 Solana NFT Projects To Invest In

With that being said, let me do some of the hard work for you and introduce you to five of my favorite Solana NFT projects that I believe have a promising future. These five are what I would call established projects which makes them much less risky. NFTs are such a volatile asset prone to pumping and dumping that buying established teams is often the play to make.


Let’s start with what a lot of the Solana NFT community would call the number 1 project. Degods.

Founded a bit over a year ago by the rather public “Frank” Degods had a rough start in the space with a few minting problems and then a failed NFT marketplace launch which resulted in the asset dropping to as a low as 3 SOL (around about the original mint price).

The team didn’t let the bumpy start put them off as they put their heads down and started building. The DeGods team has since released an art upgrade where NFT holders could upgrade the art of their Degod turning it into a “Deadgod”.

This art upgrade cost Degods native token $DUST which could be earned through staking. Having such a utility tied to the token caused the $DUST price to pump.

Since then the Degods team has launched DUST Labs which is more or less a software startup in which they recently raised $7 million in funding for, which is quiet impressive for a bear market.

Solana Monkey Business

Solana Monkey Business or SMB for short is what many would call the original bluechip and one of the first collections to launch on Solana. With a strong community and very strong sense of branding and historical value the SMBs are still hanging around at the top of the food chain.

One of the biggest plays the SMB community has is their DAO which is known for its professionalism and well structured set up.

Unfortunately the developers and team behind SMB have more or less given up on the project however the community and DAO is keeping it running smoothly.


Degen Ape Academy is another project that launched very early on in the Solana NFT ecosystem giving it historical value as well as having time to nurture a very strong community. The team behind DAA has also continued to put in work to keep providing value for the holders through airdrops, new mints and brand partnerships.

Blocksmith Labs

Blocksmith Labs also known as BSL for short is possible the number #1 “builder” project on Solana with the team continuously building new projects and utilities that have been making a big impact on the Solana ecosystem.

One of BSL’s most notable builds is “mercury” , a platform where NFT project leads collect whitelist wallets for their mint.

To work alongside mercury they have also recently built “Bifrost” which is an NFT launchpad with built in anti bot measures and dynamic price minting which I believe is a fist in the Solana NFT space. To read more about Bifrost and the features it offers check it out here.

SHIFT is another project that the BSL team has built. SHIFT is a dynamic art generation engine that enables projects to customize, evolve and upgrade NFT artwork easily. This is super useful in a time where a lot of NFT projects do art upgrades once they have the funding.

At the time of writing this BSL is also undergoing and art upgrade in which we have seen just a couple of sneak peaks.

As you can see the BSL team are solid builders that continuously put out new projects.

Famous Fox Federation

Famous Fox Federation or also known as FFF for short is another team similar to BSL that has built platforms that have benefited the entire Solana NFT space.

FFF is known mostly for two of the products they have built, a raffle site and their token marketplace. Though they have built a lot more than just that!

Through the FFF raffle site anyone can create their own raffle to raffle off one of their NFTs. This became increasingly popular which saw a flood of raffles and traffic to FFF. The raffle site benefited a lot of projects as you can choose which SPL you would like to charge for your tickets.

Due to this there was a large uptick on a lot of projects native tokens such as $DUST and $FOXY which is FFF’s native token as people started using them to buy raffle tickets.

Before wallet submission whitelisting was a big thing a lot of projects opted to go with token based whitelisting, this gave birth to the FFF token market where people could see their whitelist tokens.

This was a huge thing with hyped mints as often whitelist tokens where selling for 10x plus the mint price right off the bat.

The FFF team keeps building and innovating, pushing the Solana NFT ecosystem along. The one thing holding them back is not having a way for all these products and builds to directly benefit their NFT holders apart from floor price going up.


To wrap things up you can see that any of the above NFTs are probably going to be good buys in the long run as they all have established teams that now have a good track record and strong communities to keep the free word of mouth marketing going.

As always do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose, especially in NFTs.