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Good news for Telegram users! The popular messaging platform has introduced an exciting new feature called Wallet Pay, enabling seamless in-app payments in Bitcoin (BTC), TON Crystal (TON), and Tether (USDT). 

This revolutionary development opens up a world of possibilities for Telegram users, allowing them to transact directly within the app and transforming the way P2P crypto transfers are conducted.


With the launch of the Telegram Wallet bot’s crypto payment solution on the TON blockchain, users now have the ability to make swift and secure payments in BTC, TON, and USDT without leaving the app. 

This integration provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for Telegram users, expanding their options for conducting financial transactions.

The Wallet Pay feature is an essential addition to the Telegram ecosystem, empowering merchants to accept instant cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. 

Through this payment service developed by the wallet team specifically for Telegram, users can conveniently pay merchants in cryptocurrency, revolutionizing the way transactions take place within the platform.


The introduction of Wallet Pay significantly improves the accessibility of cryptocurrency payments on Telegram. 

Supported in various jurisdictions by the wallet service, this feature is available to users in most countries, providing them with a seamless and efficient means of conducting crypto transactions. 

However, it is important to note that Wallet Pay is not currently available in the United States and certain countries blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force, including Iran, Myanmar, and North Korea.


Unlike self-custodial or noncustodial wallets like MetaMask, the Telegram Wallet bot operates as a custodial wallet with its own fee structure. 

This custodial approach ensures a simplified and secure user experience, reducing the complexities associated with managing private keys and enabling smoother transactions.

Merchants using Wallet Pay should independently assess whether their jurisdictions permit cryptocurrency payments. 

While the Telegram Wallet bot provides a powerful tool for accepting crypto payments, it is crucial for merchants to understand and comply with local regulations.


The introduction of Wallet Pay within the Telegram app is a significant milestone for cryptocurrency adoption and the P2P transfer revolution. 

Telegram users can now seamlessly make payments in Bitcoin, TON Crystal, and Tether, enhancing convenience and expanding the possibilities for conducting financial transactions within the platform. 

As the crypto space continues to evolve, innovations like Wallet Pay bring us closer to a future where digital currencies are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.