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The blockchain industry keeps bringing about innovations in its application, access, and usage. Solana decided to bring something new to the blockchain that has never been done before. It was kind of something that would make you go, “huh, why didn’t others think of this?”

Solana is mostly known for its role in the NFT space after Ethereum. Lots of NFT projects have found a safe haven in Solana and continue to build on its network.

But now Solana will be known for something else, its flagship Android phone, Saga. Solana announced the release of the phone on their official website on June 23, 2022, but it was not available for public order at the moment of its announcement. 

Almost a year later now, Solana announced that their flagship web3-ready Android phone is available for public order (May 8, 2023).


As you would expect from a phone that is expected to be web3 friendly, this phone is packed with good features for smooth operations.

For starters, the phone runs on 12GB RAM with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor chipset and 512GB internal memory(expandable up to 512GB with microSD).

Its body is made up of ceramic back, stainless steel frame, and titanium accents and has a display size of 6.67 in (diagonal size) of 1080p AMOLED screen.

The phone runs on the latest version of Android operating system (OS), Android 13 with a 4110 mAh battery that is fitted with Qi wireless charging technology.

Source: https://twitter.com/martypartymusic/status/1655696444085477377?s=20

For connectivity, this phone has 5G, WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax + 2×2 MIMO), NFC, and UltraWideBand (UWB Channels 5 & 9).

The phone is also fitted with a Seed Vault that protects your private keys via secure hardware and AES encryption, with which you can sign transactions with just your fingerprint.

Saga also comes with dApp Store which makes transactions easy and seamless across dApps without switching apps for use of browser extensions.


The Solana flagship phone, Saga, goes for $1,000. Is it worth purchasing?

Even with the Web3 features, the phone makes a good Android phone that can rival other similar phones with that price range. It can handle most Android games and applications smoothly without any lags or issues.

Typically, you don’t need a lot of specs like this for most Web3/crypto transactions but it is nice to see that they made something that doesn’t just appeal to Web3 usage but for daily use as well. It is a phone you can use comfortably.

The security feature for your assets made for this phone is something interesting about this phone especially with the number of hacks and scams growing everyday in the web3 ecosystem.

If you are looking for a web3 specific phone that will also act as your hardware wallet, then this phone could be a gamechanger for you.


In conclusion, Solana’s release of their flagship Android phone, Saga, is a major step forward for the blockchain industry. The phone’s web3-ready features, high-end specifications, and secure hardware make it a unique and intriguing offering for those interested in the blockchain space. Its ceramic back, stainless steel frame, and titanium accents also give it a premium feel that rivals other high-end smartphones.

While the phone’s price tag of $1,000 may seem steep, it is comparable to other high-end smartphones on the market. However, what sets the Saga apart is its unique features that cater to web3 users and its Seed Vault that offers added security for private keys. The ability to seamlessly transact across dApps without switching apps for browser extensions is also a noteworthy feature.