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Ever wondered why you can’t send your Avalanche tokens to Ethereum or another network? Ever wondered if it is possible? Well it is using what we call a bridge in the crypto space.

Bridging allows you to send tokens from one network to another.

Key Takeaways

  • Bridging AVAX to ETH is easy and secure
  • Both networks are layer 1s
  • Bridging fees can rise when Ethereum is congested

What is Bridging?

Cross chain protocols are becoming increasingly popular as the crypto space moves into a cross chain space. With so many layer 1s competing against each other, having the ability to bridge tokens from one chain to another is crucial.

Bridging tokens such as AVAX to ETH is the act of converting or sending tokens capable of running on the Avalanche network to tokens that are capable of running on the Ethereum network.

As the crypto space grows, bridges and networks supporting multiple chains are becoming increasingly popular. Multi-chain networks is a great sector to keep eye on for potential investments.

The Easiest Way To Bridge AVAX to ETH

The best, easiest and safest way to currently bridge AVAX to ETH is using Avalanches own bridge “Avalanche Bridge” which can be used to bridge to multiple chains from Avalanche.

Step 1: Go to Avalanche Bridge and connect your Metamask wallet. You will be connecting the Avalanche chain so make sure you have that added to your Metamask. If you do not have the Avalanche chain added to your Metamask you can do so by following this guide.

Step 2: You will now be able to choose which chain you would like to bridge from and to. In this case from Avalanche to Ethereum.

You can now select which token you want to bridge, in this case we will show the default 1INCH. Enter the amount you want to bridge and click “Transfer”. Your Metamask will now be opened where you can double check the transaction amount and view gas fees, when using the Ethereum network always keep an eye on the gas fees as these can get high when the network is experiencing congestion.

Just like that your tokens are now being bridged from the Avalanche chain to the Ethereum chain. Note that this can take a few minutes so don’t stress if nothing shows up straight away.

What is AVAX?

Avalanche is a layer 1 network built for its speed, scalability and security. Quickly rising to fame in the DeFi space, people flocked the Avalanche touting it as one of the “Ethereum Killers”.

Avalanche is a decentralized network that runs on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism which allows it to process transactions much faster and cheaper than other layer 1s such as Ethereum that run on proof-of-work.

Launched in just 2020 Avalanche has already amassed and impressive community and dedicated users growing to the 18th largest cryptocurrency by market cap with a MC of $4.6 billion at the time of writing this article.

Avalanche calls itself “Blazingly Fast, Low Cost, & Eco Friendly” boasting transaction speeds up to 4,500 transactions per second and with their subnet model this could potentially scale to infinity. Pair that fact with their transaction costs of just a couple cents per transaction you can see why it gained so much popularity.

What is ETH?

Ethereum is more or less the king of layer 1 networks dominating the space in users and protocols. Founded early on in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin it has been around and withstood the test of time, maintaining number 2 in the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap beaten only by Bitcoin.

Ethereum has had all sectors covered from a booming NFT sector hosting the likes of the Bored Ape Yacht club and other large scale NFT collections right through to hosting some of the biggest DeFi protocols in the space.

Ethereum is a decentralized network boasting a high level of security. The only pitiful is its inability to scale with the sheer volume of use we saw the layer 1 network have during the 2020 bull run. This however birthed multiple large layer 2 networks such as Arbitrum and Optimism which helped Ethereum scale while maintaining Ethereums high security.

During the 2020 bull run Ethereum had an overwhelming volume of transactions especially during hyped NFT mints such as Bored Ape Yacht Club where users saw transaction fees (gas) as high as $200 for a transaction.


You should now have a decent understanding of how bridging works, what AVAX is and what ETH is. We have shown you how to use the most popular AVAX bridge and hopefully you are now underway bridging your tokens.

If you’re interested in bridging AVAX to FTM check out our guide on that here.