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In a strategic move to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency industry, Ripple (XRP) has recently announced the acquisition of Metaco, a prominent Swiss blockchain custody company, for a reported $250 million on Wednesday. 

This acquisition signifies a significant milestone for both Ripple and Metaco, setting the stage for enhanced digital asset management capabilities and broader adoption of blockchain technology.


Metaco, founded in 2015 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has emerged as a leading provider of institutional-grade cryptocurrency and digital asset solutions. Their flagship product, SILO, is a highly secure and scalable custody solution that empowers financial institutions to confidently manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco aligns with its strategic vision of expanding its ecosystem and providing comprehensive solutions for financial institutions. 

This move allows Ripple to enhance its digital asset management capabilities and offer a broader range of services to its growing customer base.

According to Ripple’s official announcement, the acquisition will bolster their ability to address the crypto custody market’s evolving needs. By integrating Metaco’s technology and expertise, Ripple aims to provide financial institutions with a secure and robust platform for storing, trading, and managing digital assets.


The acquisition of Metaco is expected to have a transformative impact on Ripple’s ecosystem, particularly on the utility and adoption of its native cryptocurrency, XRP. Ripple’s expanded offerings, empowered by Metaco’s solutions, position XRP as a valuable asset for liquidity management and cross-border transactions.

Coindesk reports that the integration of Metaco’s cryptocurrency management platform, CARA, with Ripple’s existing suite of products will create a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses various needs within the digital asset space. 

This integration is expected to enable financial institutions to seamlessly manage digital assets and enhance their overall efficiency.


Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco represents a significant development for both companies and the broader blockchain industry. By strengthening its digital asset management capabilities through Metaco’s expertise, Ripple is well-positioned to drive innovation and adoption in the financial sector.

As Ripple continues to expand its ecosystem and harness the potential of blockchain technology, the acquisition of Metaco marks a crucial step forward in their mission to revolutionize global value transfer and bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies.