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Think it’s time to take your Fantom (FTM) of Kucoin and store it on Metamask? Luckily this can be super simple with the right instructions which I will lay out below for you. Storing tokens such as your FTM tokens is much safer on Metamask rather than a centralized exchange such as Kucoin.

How to Transfer Fantom From Kucoin to Metamask

Step 1: First we need to make sure you have the Fantom network added to Metamask as this does not come set up by default. To add Fantom to your Metamask we must add the Fantom network custom RPC.

Step 2: In your Metamask click the network at the top of the wallet to open the drop down and navigate to the “Add network” button. This will open a new tab.

Step 3: From this new tab click “Add a network manually”. From here you will be prompted to enter the network details for the network you would like to add to Metamask in this case it is Fantom.

Enter the below details to add the Fantom network to Metamask.

Network Name: Fantom Opera
RPC Url: https://rpc.ankr.com/fantom/
ChainID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL: https://ftmscan.com/

Click Save and you will now have the Fantom network available in your Metamask via the network drop down menu at the top of the Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Now that you have the Fantom network available in your Metamask you can navigate to Kucoin to begin the transfer of Fantom from Kucoin to Metamask.

From your Kucoin main account search Fantom to find the FTM token and click Withdraw.

Step 5: You can now copy your Fantom address in Metamask, do this simply by clicking on the address at the top of your Metamask wallet, make sure you have the Fantom network selected when you do this.

Step 6: Now back to Kucoin, paste the wallet address you just copied from Metamask and paste it in the “Wallet Address” input box.

In the “Network” drop down box below you can choose which network you would like to use to make the withdrawal, in this case it is the Fantom network. You will notice this network also offers the cheapest fees which is one of Fantoms selling points.

Step 7: Smack that Withdraw button and your Fantom will be on its way from Kucoin to Metamask.

And just like that you have transferred your Fantom tokens from Kucoin to Metamask. The process is more or less the same for other tokens the only difference is the token you are sending and the network you are sending it through.

As Metamask only supported EVM compatible networks these are the only networks that you are able to transfer friends from Metamask for.

Can you transfer FTM from Kucoin to Metamask?

Yes. Transferring FTM from Kucoin to Metamask is simple and a great way to add some extra security to your FTM tokens by not hosting them on a centralized exchange. To transfer your FTM tokens from Kucoin to Metamask follow the instructions above.

How do I transfer from Kucoin to Metamask?

Transferring tokens from Kucoin to Metamask is as simple as using your Metamask deposit address with the withdrawal system that Kucoin has in place. Not all networks are supported by Metamask however , the majority of ERC20 based tokens can be added to Metamask and be transferred from Kucoin.

Can I send FTM on Kucoin?

Yes. You can send FTM from Kucoin to any wallet address that accepts and supports the FTM token.

Does Kucoin support Fantom?

Yes. Kucoin supports the trading, sending and withdrawal of the FTM token via the Fantom network.

Is Fantom an ERC20 token?

Yes, the FTM token is available as an ERC20 token in the Ethereum ecosystem. FTM is also available as a BEP2 token in the Binance ecosystem.

Can you send Fantom on ERC20?

Yes. In this case you can withdraw FTM from Kucoin as an ERC20 token in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Is Fantom supported on Metamask?

Yes it sure is. You can add the Fantom network to Metamask using the RPC network details earlier in this article. Since Fantom is an EVM compatible chain it can be used on Metamask.

What wallet do I need for Fantom?

Fantom is supported by a range of wallets such as Metamask, ledger and dozens of popular mobile and desktop wallets such as Exodus.

Fantom does have its own wallet called fWallet which you can use to send, receive and stake your FTM tokens within the Fantom ecosystem.


As you can see transferring your funds such as Fantom from Kucoin to Metamask does not need to be a technical task and can be done easily and fairly quickly. If you would like to read more articles about Fantom consider reading the following:

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