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Sending AVAX from Metamask to Kucoin can seem like a daunting or technical transaction, however it can be very easy and safe to do. In this article we will give you a clear overview and guide on how you can send your AVAX from Metamask to Kucoin with ease and zero stress of loss of funds.

How To Send AVAX From Metamask to Kucoin

Step 1: First be sure you are logged into both your Kucoin account and Metamask wallet, in your Metamask wallet be sure that you are connected to the Avalanche C-Chain. Your wallet address will start with 0x to reflect this.

Step 2: In Kucoin navigate to your main account and search for AVAX to find the deposit link.

Step 3: From the deposit page select which network you would like to use, as your Metamask Avalanche address starts with an 0x then you can assume you are on the Avalanche C-Chain. The other option is the X-Chain

Step 4: Copy the deposit address that Kucoin has supplied and head over to Metamask. Make sure your Metamask is on the correct Avalanche network and click send.

Step 5: Paste the deposit address that Kucoin has supplied and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: It is always worth sending a very small amount of AVAX such as 0.001 just to make sure you are on the right network and have chosen the correct deposit network.

Can You Send AVAX to KuCoin?

Yes! Kucoin supports deposits to both the Avalanche C-Chain and the X-Chain. In the case of sending from Metamask you want to use the C-Chain deposit address. It is always worth sending 0.001 AVAX first as a test to double check.

We also have a great guide on how to send AVAX from Coinbase to Metamask here.

What Network is AVAX on KuCoin?

Kucoin offers support for both the C-Chain and the X-Chain.

What Chain Do I Send AVAX To?

When sending AVAX you must send it to the corresponding chain as it is being sent from.

For example if you are sending from C-Chain which addresses always start with 0x then you must also send to a C-Chain address.

And vice versa for the X-Chain which always starts with X- you must always send to an X-Chain deposit address.

Is Kucoin Safer Than Metamask?

Due to Kucoin being an exchange it is a custodial wallet meaning you do not technically own the private keys for your wallet, while Metamask is a non-custodial wallet where you have complete control over your private keys.

Due to this Metamask is a safer place to hold your cryptocurrency, as the saying goes, not your keys, not your crypto.

Is It Safe To Leave Your Coins On Kucoin?

Yes, Kucoin is a reputable exchange that has withstood the test of time and has not had any serious security flaws at the time of writing this. Kucoin has also recently released a proof of reserves in response to the downfall of FTX.

Can You Send AVAX To C-Chain?

Yes you can, AVAX sent from C-Chain can be received on C-Chain.

Avalanche Chains Explained

Avalanche has three different chains which help the network scale and perform and the high levels that it does. Due to Avalanche having these three chains it can seem confusing and it can take a minute to wrap your head around. That is where we come in, let’s break it down.


The C-Chain is the chain used to deploy smart contracts and DeFi apps. This is the most common chain used by platforms such as Metamask and AAVE.


The X-Chain is for sending and receiving funds from within the Avalanche network. The X-Chain is not supported by Metamask or most DeFi platforms and must be used with an Avalanche native web wallet.


The P-Chain is the chain that controls and manages all the validators that keep the Avalanche network up and running. If you are a validator or you are delegating towards a validator then this is the chain in which you will receive your rewards.


As you can see sending AVAX from Metamask to Kucoin can be a simple transaction as long as you use the correct addresses, as mentioned it is always worth sending a small amount of AVAX such as 0.001 to your Kucoin deposit wallet to make sure you have the right address and network.

Here at On Chain Updates we have dozens of guides covering everything from passive income through to comparisons of up and coming tokens so be sure to explore our site and hopefully learn a thing or two about cryptocurrency.