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Key takeaways:

  • Paid Influencer campaigns work great
  • Collab with other projects
  • Run Twitter giveaways for WL spots
  • Hire a community manager
  • The secret sauce

How to promote NFT on Twitter?

The NFT space has been booming and more and more people are realizing the profits that can be made by launching their own collection, whether it be on Solana or Ethereum there is a large market with money to spend.

Is this you? Well you have come to the right place, in this article I will give you a complete rundown on how the big players promote their NFT collections on Twitter and guarantee themselves a sell out when the time comes to mint.

The Secret Sauce

This method is what I call the secret sauce, it’s the method that the big players try to keep secret as it works wonders and doesn’t cost a dime to do. For this you will need a Twitter account (not your project account) and a few hours of spare time to send out messages. This method works best if you have spent a little bit of time growing the account in the NFT space.

Note: This method should be used before you start any marketing campaigns for your project. This is a good jump start campaign to really get the ball rolling with your marketing.

For this you want to choose 50-100 small to mid level influencers with follower counts of 1,000 up to 10,000 and you want to send them all a personalized message introducing yourself and the project and offering them a free whitelist spot in return for a simple retweet of the NFT projects first tweet.

Now the first tweet on the project’s Twitter is going to be an “Interact for WL” post, I’m sure you’ve seen the posts around and always wondered how they gained so much traction right off the bat. This is how.

NFT whitelist giveaway tweet


Now this method does take a wee bit of organizing and people management. To coordinate the retweeting you want to add all influencers who agree to the deal to your projects Discord server and assign them the “OG” role. This role will also give them access to an announcements channel only they can see where you can post the date and time of the first tweet. Making sure they all retweet it in the first few hours of posting it helps trigger the Twitter algorithm to push the post up on people’s timelines.


Paid shoutouts with large NFT influencers is a great way to boost your follower count and add some social credibility to the account. Most people entering these paid shoutout giveaways generally won’t be buyers however it is a great way to grow your followers which in turn attracts buyers.

You can organize these paid shoutouts very easily simply by messaging NFT influencers on Twitter asking for their promo rates. A lot of influencers will have “DM for promo” in their Twitter bio. These are the ones you want to target.

Twitter NFT influencer promos


I would recommend just doing two or three of these at the start of your marketing campaign just to get your follower count up, from there move away from paid giveaways and towards collabs with other projects with similar follower counts to yours.


Once you have a decent followers count and a bit of engagement on your post you can start reaching out to projects that have a similar or just higher follower count than you. Approach these projects and ask if they are interested in collabing for a give away, generally a giveaway of whitelist spots for both projects.

This is an awesome method as it does not cost you anything and you will often have plenty of projects reaching out to you in your DMs. I highly recommend vetting the projects you collaborate with and only collabing with high quality projects so you do not tarnish your project’s brand.

Whitelist giveaways

Now that you have a growing community it’s time to start doing whitelist giveaways, you can do these up to 3+ times per week and they are a great way to keep your followers engaged and also push your post on the Twitter algorithm to reach new users.

When you do a whitelist giveaway be sure to use a good graphic of your NFT as the image to catch peoples eye. You also want to post the link to each giveaway in your Discord as there will be a lot of people in there that are after a whitelist spot.

Be sure to announce the winners of these giveaways in the comment section of the giveaway post to show some credibility.

How to build an NFT community

Both before and after mint your community is your strongest asset and can be used for a range of marketing campaigns, the best thing about them is it doesn’t cost you a dime to utilize them. A strong community will also result in more sales on the secondary market which means more royalties for you.


By following the above steps to building your Twitter page you will have the beginnings of a great community right at your fingertips, now it’s time to turn them from users just wanting to mint to users committed to the project.

You don’t want your Twitter just full of promotions and giveaways, you also want a healthy amount of shitposts and memes. The NFT community loves memes and it is a great way to build a community but also to increase your Twitter reach. Spend a little bit of time making memes and writing shitposts you can schedule to post at all times on your Twitter, just make sure not to do it.

A great way to source content for this and build a community is by having competitions in your Discord where users can submit their memes or shitposts and everyday you choose one to post and Twitter and the creator gets a WL spots. This will also increase the activity in your Discord a lot.


Discord is where the real community is, these are the ones that are most likely to mint your project and shill it on Twitter. With people being in hundreds of Discords these days it can be hard to get any activity on your own.

Running meme contests and offering whitelist spots is a great way to keep people in your Discord, you can also host a magnitude of events such as:

  • Movie night
  • Poker night
  • Game night
  • Meme contests

Community Managers

As a project founder/lead chances are you will not have time to monitor the Discord and stay active in chat, this is where a community manager comes in.

These are the bread and butter of an NFT project and are more or less necessary if you want to stay engaged with your community, which is key. Hiring a community manager is super simple and you can find dozens of them on Twitter, some will charge a weekly fee however I recommend finding one that will take a small percent of the mint funds as payment.

To find one that will accept the later the best way is to make an announcement in your Discord once you have a few hundred members saying you are looking for a community manager, this way you will get a CM that is already part of the community and even better may find one that is already committed to the project.

Make sure you have the right budget for your NFT launch and follow this marketing plan and you will be sure of a sell out on your NFT collection.