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Bridging AVAX to BNB can be a fairly straightforward task with the wide range of multichain protocols now on the market. In this article we will explore a couple of different protocols that you can use to bridge from the Avalanche chain to the BNB chain.

Key Takeaways

  • Synapse is a great bridge to use
  • Not all tokens can be bridged between AVAX and BNB
  • You can “bridge” between some chains using exchanges

Both of the protocols we will be exploring today are decentralized and done through your Metamask to ensure anonymity and decentralization. Without further ado let’s get into it.

The Safest & Easiest Way To Bridge AVAX To BNB

The first protocol/bridge we will explore is Synapse which offers a wide range of chains that you can bridge between. Synapse is very popular due to its security and ease of use UI.

Step 1: To bridge from AVAX to BNB head over the Synapse bridge here and connect your wallet. If using Metamask make sure you have both the Avalanche and the BNB network added.

Step 2: Once connected make sure your Metamask network is set to Avalanche. The synapse bridge will automatically detect this setting the origin chain on the bridge to Avalanche. Select BNB as the destination chain.

As you can see there are dozens of other chains you can choose as options so keep these in mind if you are ever trying to bridge to and from other chains in the future.

Step 3: Now not all tokens are available to bridge from Avalanche to BNB chain. For example you cannot send the AVAX token specifically from Avalanche to BNB, however you can send USDT.e or USDC.e to BNB Chain which will be converted to the native stable coin on BNB chain which is BUSD.

Step 4: Once you have chosen which token to bridge, hit the “Approve (token name)” button and start the process in your Metamask or chosen wallet.

And just like that you have now moved your tokens from the Avalanche chain to the BNB chain. Another great way you can in a sense bridge tokens is through exchanges such as Binance and Kraken. 

You can send tokens to Binance through one chain and then withdraw them through another all depending on which chains the exchanges support however. It is good practice to learn how bridges such as Synapse works.

What is Bridging?

Bridging is the act of transferring or sending tokens from one network/chain to another. It may sound complicated but with the growing crypto space there are now dozens of protocols that offer bridging easily and with clean user friendly UI’s.

With the amount of new networks and chains launching in the cryptocurrency space it is more important than ever to know how to use multiple chains and transfer your assets between them.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a layer 1 network known for its DeFi ecosystem and high transaction speeds paired with low transaction costs.

Avalanche was launched in 2020 and was quickly filed under the “Ethereum killers” category due to its near instant transaction speeds and its very quickly growing DeFi ecosystem which at its peak had an TVL of $12 billion.

Avalanche boasts transaction speeds of 4,500 per seconds which puts it on the same level as some of the highest performing layer 1 networks such as Solana.

What is BNB Chain?

The BNB Chain or more commonly known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the native layer 1 network of the popular crypto exchange Binance. BSC runs of a proof of stake consensus mechanism which allows for fast translation speeds and low transaction fees.

The network is Ethereum compatible making it easy for developers to build dApps for both Ethereum and BSC. Due to this the chain saw a very fast growth in dApps running on the chain as Ethereum dApps and developers could migrate over very easily.

Launched by Binance the biggest cryptocurrency exchange BSC rose to fame very fast and is one of the most used layer 1 networks. With the Ethereum compatibility and the ease in which tokens can be created BSC saw a huge increase in projects during the 2020 run especially in the meme sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Swap AVAX to BNB on Metamask?

You cannot swap AVAX to BNB directly in only the Metamask wallet app however the above method uses Metamask for both the Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain part of the swap/bridge.


Bridging AVAX to BNB can be easy especially with the protocols built recently such as the one we covered in Synapse. As the space grows and cross chain compatibility becomes a bigger focus things like bridging between chains will get easier and easier.

Projects such as Polkadot and Atom focus heavily on cross chain and allow data to flow between network easier, this is very likely the next step in the crypto evolution.