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Key Takeaways

  • Rinkeby is a tesnet
  • Rinkeby is a fork off Ethereum
  • Rinkeby has superior speed and security compared to other testnets
  • Metamask has rinkeby built in for ease of access
  • The rinkeby faucet will send you tokens for the testnet

What is the rinkeby testnet?

The rinkeby testnet is an Ethereum testnet that allows developers to test out their dApps before launching them live on the Ethereum mainnet. The rinkeby testnet is run off a network of pre authorized nodes which allows the testnet to have higher performance and security, this provides developers with the perfect environment to test their dApps. As rinkeby is a testnet and is not live on the Ethereum mainnet any currencies you hold within the testnet can not be spent on the mainnet. This allows for a faucet to be offered so that developers receive testnet currencies for free which allows them to test their dApps.

Rinkeby is a direct fork off Ethereum and runs off a proof of authority consensus, due to rinkeby running off centralized nodes this means that the network could be shut down at any time. That is why it is only used for testing and none of the currency held on the rinkeby testnet is real and can be spent.

The rinkeby testnet was launched by the Ethereum team in 2017 and it has since grown to over 11 million blocks in size and has processed around 50 million transactions. That’s 50 million transactions of developers testing their protocols, contracts and dApps. Rinkeby is often chosen as a testnet due to its increased security over the other testnets and also its block time which is half of the other testnets making rinkeby a lot faster to use. Rinkeby can tout a higher level of security due to its proof of authority mechanism rather than other testnets running a proof of work mechanism more similar to how Ethereum operates.

How to add rinkeby testnet to Metamask?

Luckily for us Metamask actually has the rinkeby testnet built into the wallet which allows us to switch between rinkeby and the mainnet very easily and efficiently. In this article I will show you how to make this super simple switch over and I will also show you how to manually add the rinkeby testnet to Metamask in case it has been removed from the easy to swap menu.

First you will need to download the Metamask wallet to your browser.

Once logged in click the Ethereum Mainnet at the top of the wallet to open the drop down menu. From here you may need to click the show/hide testnets buttons.

From this same dropdown you will now be able to see a list of the available testnets. Select which testnet you would like to use, in this case it is the rinkeby testnet.

You will now see in your Metamask that you are now on the rinkeby testnet. You will see that the currency is now Rinkeby ETH.

Now in case Metamask is having problems and you cannot find the rinkeby testnet in the easy to access drop down I will now show you how to manually add the rinkeby testnet to Metamask.

Navigate back to the networks drop down menu however this time click the “Add Network” button at the bottom of the screen.

From here you will be prompted to enter the network details. For the rinkeby network use the following details:

  • Network Name: Rinkeby Testnet
  • New RPC URL: https://eth-rinkeby.alchemyapi.io/v2/your-api-key
  • Chain ID: 4
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL: https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/

When adding a network to Metamask be sure to be getting the details from a reputable source so you do not add a malicious network.

The rinkeby testnet has now been added to your Metamask.

How to fund your rinkeby testnet wallet on Metamask?

If you are testing or deploying dApps on the rinkeby testnet you will need Ethereum in your wallet to fund the process. Due to rinkeby being a tesnet the Ethereum developers have created a faucet for you to receive Rinkeby Ethereum for testing purposes. This is a good way for you to test your dApps as it will not cost you any real currency.

To receive your rinkeby Ethereum we will be using what is called a faucet which will send you a small amount of rinkeby Ethereum for free for testing purposes.

Head over to the Alchemy faucet to get started, this is the most reputable and easiest to use faucet. From here you simply just enter your rinkeby Etheruem address which can be found at the top of your Metamask, make sure to double check you are on the rinkeby network and not the main network.

You can receive 0.1 rinkeby Ethereum per day using this faucet.

Just like that you are set up and ready to go. Your Metamask should now be on the rinkeby testnet and your new wallet is now funded with rinkeby Ethereum. Time to get developing.

How Do I use Rinkeby Network?

Now that you have the Rinkeby testnet added to your Metamask you can go a head and connect your Metamask to whichever protocol or service you would like to use with Rinkeby. Just like when using the Ethereum mainnet with Metamask you can now do the same with the Rinkeby testnet, just switch networks over in Metamask and connect your wallet.

Rinkeby is a Ethereum testnet which is used for testing out procotols and dApps developed on Ethereum. By using Rinkeby you can test your dApps before deploying them without it costing you any capital, due to Rinkeby being a testnet none of the assets held on the Rinkeby network are worth any real monetary value.


To wrap things up we have learnt there are two ways to add rinkeby testnet to Metamask, the first being the built in rinkeby network which is super easy to use and the second is adding the network manually. We have also learned about faucets and how to fund our new rinkeby testnet Metamask wallet.