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Gala Games has become a powerhouse in the crypto gaming and metaverse sector with a fast-growing collection of games and an even faster-growing player base. Gala Games is one of the few metaverse projects that are more than just a one-trick pony, constantly producing quality games and expanding its team and scope.


Do the tokenomics make sense? Let’s take a dive into the Gala tokenomics to help you understand how the project works and if the tokenomics line up to make Gala games potentially the number one metaverse/crypto gaming investment of 2023.

Gala Tokenomics

What is the use case of GALA?

GALA is the native token for Gala Games and is used as a secure payment method between users within the Gala ecosystem, it has a handful of utilities such as:

  • Paid out as rewards for operating Founders Nodes daily
  • GALA is the currency used to purchase NFTs in Gala Games such as Town Star
  • Purchasing licenses to run and operate Founders Nodes
  • GALA is used to pay transaction and network fees on the GYRI blockchain

GALA is required to operate Founders Nodes and is what operators’ rewards are paid out in, as Founders Nodes are necessary for the Gala ecosystem to help games run in a decentralized matter GALA is needed and is constantly being used within the ecosystem.

Gala Games also has its own blockchain GYRI which is a layer 1 blockchain designed to handle all the transactions needed for the games built by Gala while also being able to provide verifiable ownership of NFTs and tokens. GYRI is built for its scalability to be able to handle a high number of games hence a very high throughput, essentially GYRI is what is holding the whole Gala Games project together. GALA is the token used to pay for transactions and actions on this layer 1 blockchain.

Gala GYRI Blockchain


At the time of writing this GALA currently has a market cap of $333,400,124 and a token price of $0.04 GALA is ranked #143 biggest crypto via market cap. With a previous all-time high (ATH) of $0.71, GALA has a lot of potential growth to reclaim its previous all-time high.

With around 14% of the GALA maximum supply currently in circulation, the GALA token has a fully diluted value (FDV) of $2,210,144,352 which is definitely on the higher end however the token distribution from here on out and is only going to get slower due to the yearly halvings which we speak about in this article.

Is GALA an inflationary token?

As time goes on there will be more GALA tokens entering the circulating supply daily with as much as 17 million GALA tokens being added per day, with no burn method in place and no plans for a token burn this can create an inflationary asset and potentially place negative sell pressure on the GALA token.

Each year this daily distribution will be halved on the 21st of July, this is a good sign and has the potential to slow down or minimize any selling pressure that the distributions may occur.

Does GALA have a fixed supply?

Yes, GALA has a fixed supply of 50 billion tokens. As for the circulating supply it is currently sitting at around 7 billion GALA circulating which equates to around 14% of this maximum supply. Each day there are roughly 17 million GALA tokens added to the circulating supply, with half of them being paid out as rewards to Node holders and the other half going to the Gala conservatorship.

Some members of the community do question this daily distribution of around 17 million GALA tokens as they believe it could create constant sell pressure from the Node operators with worries of the price action struggling to gain any positive momentum with this constant sell pressure.

Gala Tokenomics via CoinGecko


Does Gala Games have a max supply?

Yes, GALA has a max supply of 50 billion tokens, no more can be minted.

Is GALA crypto a good investment?

Gala Games shows a lot of promise in the crypto gaming and metaverse sector with an already thriving player base and dozens of successful games already launched. While the tokenomics can be questioned by some users due to the heavy daily distribution the fundamentals make up for this.

Gala Games is one of the few metaverse/crypto gaming projects that have proven themselves to be more than just a one-trick pony with over a dozen games produced and in production, founded by the founder of the popular web2 game development company Zynga, Gala is in good hands and its run by a team of experienced game developers.

Gala Games Catalog


At the time of writing this, we are in the depths of a bear market and Gala Games has shown that they are still building which is a great sign and shows enough strength for a potential comeback in the coming bull run. As always you should do your own research both fundamentally and technically.

The GALA token can be bought on most major exchanges such as Kucoin and Binance with a list of the supported exchange being found on the GALA CoinGecko page which can be found here.