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Wondering what the best DEX to use on Fantom is? As the ecosystem grows and new protocols are developed it can be hard to decide which DEX to use and most importantly know which has the best pricing, features and security. In this article we will dive into three of Fantoms DEXs to find out which is the best suite for you.

DEX on Fantom

Spooky Swap

SpookySwap DEX


SpookySwap is the largest DEX on Fantom by TVL (Total Value Locked) and Market Cap, with a TVL of $101 million and a market cap of $17 million. SpookySwap is a fork of the popular DEX Uniswap which utilizes the automated market model which Uniswap made popular.

SpookySwap TVL via DeFiLlama


SpookySwap charges the standard 0.2% fee on transactions and offers limit orders as well as market swaps, this is great for those wanting to control exactly what price they pay especially in cases where trading a smaller range is on the agenda.

Spookyswap offers a single-stake staking option through their DEX which allows you to stake their native token BOO and in return you receive xBOO which can be converted to BOO at a rate of 1 xBOO = 2.2366 BOO, this is approximately a 12.5% APR however you can also stake your received xBOO tokens to earn tokens of your choice such as LQDR, OATH, TREEB and other Fantom DeFi tokens. The APR for these currently range from 17% up to 21.59%.

Spookyswap also allows you to provide liquidity in return for BOO tokens, they offer liquidity pairs such as USDC-FTM, FTM-DUES, FTM-BOO and more with APRs ranging anywhere from 5% right up to 58%, when providing liquidity you must have both the tokens that you are providing liquidity for.

Spookyswap is very much a one platform providing all DEX as they also have a bridge allowing users to bridge to and from Fantom Opera, chains users can bridge from include Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, Polygon, Avalanche and more.

Last but not least Spookyswap even has their own NFT collection Magicats which is a collection of 5000 NFTs which helps boost your BOO returns and has also used a portion of the royalties earned to go towards xBOO which is BOOs buy back token.

Spirit Swap

SpiritSwap DEX


Spirit Swap is a bit smaller than Spookyswap by TVL with a TVL of $11 million at the time of writing this, Spirit swap makes up for this however by offering more DeFi features in the form of farming, staking, liquidity providing and SpiritWars.

Spirit Swap offers a much wider range of farms than SpookySwap with both Stable farms and token farms offering APRs ranging anywhere from 2% right up to 72%. Through this wider range of farming options Spirit Swap gained a lot of users during the 2022 DeFi season racking up a TVL of $330 million making it one of the biggest and most well known go to DEXs on Fantom. These farm rewards can also be boosted by also holding inSPIRIT, the more inSPIRIT you hold the more of a boost your rewards get.

SpiritSwap TVL via DeFiLlama


To earn inSPIRIT you must first hold Spirit Swaps native token SPIRIT, from there you can lock your SPIRIT into a smart contract for a set period of time that you choose and in return you will be rewarded with inSPIRIT, the current APR at the time of writing this for staking your SPIRIT is 15.14%.

Similar to SpookySwap, Spirit Swap offers a bridge to and from the Fantom network supporting chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSCAvalanche and Arbitrum. In the last 24 hours Spirit Swap has processed over 3,000 transactions earning it $661 in trading fees over 142 different trading pairs.

Beethoven X

Beethoven X DEX


Beethoven is the second largest DEX on Fantom beaten only by the previously mentioned SpookySwap, with a TVL of $46 million Beethoven has staked its claim over the past year as a DEX and DeFi protocol offering many features such as farming and its advanced swapping feature using smart order routing.

Through smart order routing Beethoven X searches all the Beethoven X pools to find and assure you the best price and conversion rate when using their swapping feature, this is laid out on the swapping page and shows you the route that your transaction will take. This can often result in upwards of a 0.5% savings when making swap through Beethoven X in comparison to other DEXs.

Beethoven X like the other DEXs listed above offer farming pools with APRs that range anywhere from 3% right up to 88% for the higher risk farms. Beethoven has a very active and experienced community and team that are constantly rolling out updates working on new features, that is one of the reasons the Beethoven had such a huge run in the 2022 DeFi season occurring a TVL of over $300 million.

Beethoven X TVL via DeFiLlama


Is Uniswap on Fantom?

As Fantom is an EVM compatible blockchain it is able to be traded on Uniswap however not all Fantom based tokens are on Uniswap, that is where the above DEXs come in. Uniswap also does not offer the DeFi capabilities for Fantom Opera based tokens that the above DEXs offer.

What is the best DEX on Fantom?

If we base it purely on which is the most used and has the highest value locked (TVL) then SpookySwap would come in first place as the best DEX on Fantom however some may argue that Beethoven X could be better with its wider range of DeFi options. Over all if you are new to the space and are looking for a simple and safe place to do swap on Fantom I would recommend using SpookySwap.