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Cosmosation vs Keplr is a question that constantly comes up when exploring wallets in the cosmos ecosystem. As the Cosmos ecosystem grows and gains more and more traction there is a growing demand for both browser and mobile based wallets. Two of the most common are Cosmostation and Keplr. In this article we will have a look at both and help you decide which you should be using.

Cosmostation vs Keplr

Cosmostation vs Keplr



Keplr is a non custodial wallet for the Cosmos Hub and Osmosis networks which offers complete control over your own crypto and the ability to buy crypto, transfer tokens and manage your NFTs in one place. With over 600,000 users Keplr prides itself on being one of the first interchain wallets offering support of over 25 plus blockchains including Kava, Osmosis, Secret network, Sifchain and more.


Keplr is a completely non custodial wallet making your private keys completely encrypted and stored locally on your computer, Kepler does however offer a range of ways to access your wallet such as a mnemonic phrase, Web3Auth’s Google login, or from the safety of a hardware wallet such as a Ledger. Kepler supports the Ledger hardware wallet which grants the wallet a huge extra layer of security.


  • Staking

Keplr offers staking directly through its wallet for a wide range of different networks. In the Keplr browser wallet you can cycle through the supported networks and easily view all the different validators that you can delegate/stake with, you can also view information such as each validators voting power, commission and the APR you will receive from delegating.

Staking rewards through Keplr range from 10% right up to 20% and offers the choice of over 150 validators to choose from.

  • IBC Transfers

The Keplr wallet offers IBC transfers allowing you to send tokens to dozens of IBC networks such as Akash, Crypto.org, Juno, Sifchain and more without having to worry about using a bridge or doing any technical transactions. This makes it very easy to participate in all aspects of the Cosmos Hub ecosystem and to communicate with any IBC network.

  • DEX Connectivity

This is the huge selling point for Keplr, its connectivity and support of Cosmos Hub based DEX’s. One of the huge reasons people use extension wallets is for their connectivity and access to DEX’s for trading spot coins. Kepler is the only IBC and Cosmos based wallet supported by the two biggest DEX’s on Cosmos, Osmosis and JunoSwap.

  • NFTs

The keplr dashboard allows you to view and manage all NFTs that are in your Keplr Wallet including viewing the total estimated value of your NFTs.

  • Buy Crypto

Keplr is making it easier than ever to onboard users and start or continue your journey in not just the Cosmos ecosystem but cryptocurrency as whole by offering a simple and low fee place for you to buy cryptocurrency directly through the Keplr wallet.


Cosmostation is a non custodial Cosmos based browser, mobile and extension wallet that offers somewhere to store, stake and transfer your tokens. Launched in 2018 Cosmostation is a multichain wallet that supports a varying range of blockchain networks such as Cosmos, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom and more.


As Cosmosations is a non custodial wallet you have complete control over your own private keys and password, this is much more secure in comparison to a custodial wallet such as an exchange where you do not have control over your own keys.

As an additional layer of security Cosmostation also offers a Ledger integration making it possible to link your hardware wallet to your Cosmosation wallet, Cosmostation also offers another extra layer of security, in the form of biometric authentication.


  • Bridge

Cosmostation offers their own bridge spacestation which allows users to bridge from a number of blockchains such as Ethereum and a number of layer 1 and layer 2 networks. Spacestation makes cross chain-transactions and inter-blockchain communication easy. While spacebridge is not built into the Cosmostation it is built by the same team and is accessible via the Cosmostation website.

  • Staking

Cosmostation offers staking directly through the browser wallet in the form of delegating towards a Cosmos based validator. As the Cosmos blockchain runs of a proof of stake consensus mechanism the network requires validators with a large amount of staked ATOM tokens to help the network run, keep the network secure and process transactions.

  • NFTs

View all your NFTs from within the Cosmostation wallet.


One major con that Cosmostation has and experiences is the lack of support offered on Cosmos based DEX’s such as Osmosis and JunoSwap, while these DEX’s do not offer direct support of Cosmostation they do offer support of both Keplr Wallet and WalletConnect.

Some would say that Cosmostations browser based wallet also has somewhat of an outdated UI, as far as the browser extension wallet goes it does offer more UI features such as dark mode, language and currency settings.

So which is a better wallet, Cosmostation or Keplr?

While both wallets are very similar there is one that slightly sticks out and offers a slight wider range of features, and that is Keplr. The big selling point that puts Keplr ahead of Cosmostation is its connectivity with the Cosmos based DEX’s Osmosis and JunoSwap.

Personally I find that Cosmostation has a nicer UI and a better UX, however Keplr has more features and better technology with its DEX connections. It could be worth downloading and signing up to both as you can always transfer your tokens to either one of them once you decide which you want to use. From the specifications and features above Keplr will be the easier to use for a beginner especially if you plan on using any of the Cosmos Hub DEX’s.