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Transferring your assets from Coin to Phantom wallet can be a great decision to increase your security or have access to more dApps and protocol through Phantom. Whether you are transferring SOL (Solana) or USDC this guide will show you step by step how to do it easily and securely so you have no stress about losing your assets.

Coinbase to Phantom Wallet

Step 1: To transfer assets from Coinbase to Phantom wallet you will need a Coinbase account with the assets you would like to transfer, in this case SOL however this process is the same for any token that can be transferred on the Solana network (USDC) and of course you will need your Phantom Wallet where you would like to receive your assets.

Step 2: Open your Coinbase account and navigate to the token you would like to send, in this example we will be sending SOL so we are going to navigate to the Solana page. From here you can see a box to the right which has a send and a receive option.

Step 3: As we are transferring from Coinbase to Phantom we will be using the ”Send” side of this box. Enter the amount of SOL or your chosen token that you would like to send to Phantom.


Step 4: You now need to grab the Solana wallet address that you will be sending to, this is found in your Phantom wallet. Open your phantom wallet and click the drop down at the top to show your wallets and their corresponding addresses. Click the “Copy” button next to the wallet that you would like to deposit to, this will copy your Solana wallet address to your clipboard.


Step 5: Now back to Coinbase and paste that wallet address you have just copied into the “To” field. Click the Continue button. You will now be shown a confirmation screen to confirm the assets you are sending and the wallet address you are sending to, double check these details and once confirmed they are correct click the “Send Now” button.

Depending how your accounts security is set up you may now be prompted either for a Google Authenticator code or a SMS code, once received enter this code and continue. You have now transferred Solana from Coinbase to Phantom Wallet.

Step 6: Your assets are now on their way to your Phantom wallet, as Solana is a very fast layer 1 network once your assets are on the Solana blockchain they should only take a couple of minutes to arrive, If you do not notice your assets arriving in your Phantom wallet it could be worth contacting Coinbase support to make sure nothing has happened on their end to halt the withdrawal.

Can I send USDC from Coinbase to Phantom Wallet?

Yes you can, Coinbase allows you to send assets though the Solana network including USDC. Follow the guide above for step by step instructions.

How do I deposit SOL from Coinbase to Phantom?

Sending SOL from Coinbase to Phantom is as simple as starting a withdrawal from within Coinbase through the Solana network to the wallet address provided by your Phantom wallet. Coinase offers its users a very simple and user-friendly interface both on the mobile app and the browser app to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

How long does it take Coinbase to transfer to Phantom?

As Solana is one of the fastest layer 1 networks currently processing over 4,000 transactions per second the transfer time from Coinbase to Phantom is very fast, once the transaction is submitted to the Solana network it can take anywhere from seconds to a minute or two.

If your transaction does not arrive after a couple of hours I would recommend contacting Coinbase support.

Does Coinbase wallet support Solana?

Yes, the Coinbase wallet can be used as an alternative to Phantom to store your Solana (SOL) tokens. Coinbase allows you to create up to 15 sub wallets for multiple networks including Solana, each of these wallets are however linked to the same recovery/secret phase.

If you are wanting to increase your security and have your Solana tokens stored in the most secure way possible I would recommend using a hardware wallet as these are what are called “cold wallets” and are generally not connected to anything online or “hot” making it the most secure way to store your assets. The two most popular are the Ledger and the Trezor.

What crypto wallet should I use for Solana?

There are dozens of wallets that support Solana which sometimes makes it a tricky decision when you take into account all the different functions and connectability of each other wallets. Here at On Chain Updates we have reviewed a handful of these wallets and there are two that we would recommend for storing your Solana safely.

Exodus: Exodus is one of the more popular wallets that support Solana and offer a great range of features such as live portfolio tracker, buy crypto with credit card and a mobile, browser and desktop app. While Exodus is great for storing your assets it is not support by many dApps and protocols.

Phantom: Phantom being Solanas native crypto wallet is our number 1 recommendation as it has withstood the test of time and was built specifically for the network. Phantom also has the highest range of connectability with most protocols and dApps built on Solana offering Phantom as a connection.