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Moving funds between exchanges and from wallets to Kucoin can often seem like an expensive task especially using networks such as Bitcoin and Etherum which can have transaction fees which range from $8 right into the hundreds during heavy congestion.

Buying crypto with fiat can also seem like there are always outrageous fees and it may even seem like you are losing money a lot of the time when you try to buy crypto with fiat, and in a lot of cases this is true. In this article we will cover 5 networks you can use to cheaply and securely transfer money to Kucoin and also the cheapest way for you to buy crypto with fiat and transfer it to Kucoin.

Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Kucoin


Tron is one of the cheapest networks you can use to move assets through and charges a flat rate $1 transaction fee which saves the hassle of calculating how much you are going to pay or trying to figure out whether it is worth it or not.

Most major cryptocurrencies can be transferred through Tron and is one of the networks that Kucoin offers as a receiving network, when sending assets through Tron make sure the receiving address starts with a TQ as this is the Tron network.

To transfer money to Kucoin through the Tron network head over to Kucoins main assets page and select the asset that you would like to transfer to Kucoin, in this case we will use USDT as an example. In the Select a Network box select Tron (TRX) and the chosen network and this will provide you with a Tron wallet address that you can deposit to.



Arbitrum is a relatively new layer 2 scaling solution built for Ethereum that helps reduce the congestion on Ethereum offering lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. Arbitrum is currently supported by Kucoin as a deposit address and by a lot of wallets and exchanges as a sending network, with it gaining more popularity the support for Arbitrum will grow with time.

As Arbitrum is built as a layer 2 to Ethereum your Arbitrum address should always start with an 0x, the same as your Ethereum address, make sure to double check this when transferring assets to Kucoin through Arbitrum.

Arbitrum fees can range from $0.10 up to $2 per transaction however they are generally on the lower end of the spectrum. Kucoin offers flat rate fees when withdrawing with these networks with the Arbitrum withdrawal fee at $2.

The process for depositing through Arbitrum is the same with any other network, head over to your deposit page in Kucoin and chose your asset and network

Solana (SOL)

Solana has quickly grown to be one of the most common layer 1 blockchains due to its fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs, with a thriving NFT ecosystem Solana is the go to for many users and is the perfect blockchain for day to day transactions. With transaction fees as low as $0.002 per transaction Solana can be a great network to use to transfer money to Kucoin.

Again Kucoin offers a flat rate when withdrawing through Solana of $1 however when moving assets to Kucoin through Solana you can expect to pay around $0.02 for the transaction making this one of if not the cheapest blockchains to use.

Cheapest Way to Buy Crypto With Fiat

If you have ever purchased crypto with fiat you have probably noticed how different the fees are depending on the platform/exchange you use and most likely how expensive these fees can be. With platforms often charging upwards of 10% in fees just to purchase crypto with fiat this can dishearten a lot of users and make onboarding seem too expensive.

There are dozens of exchanges that offer a fiat to crypto on-ramp however only two that we have found that offer this at a reasonable rate while maintaining a high level of security and those are Binance, OKX and Coinbase. These exchanges have their own in-house fiat onramp rather than a lot of platforms that use outsourced on-ramps such as moonpay which is where you will find yourself paying higher fees.

Using Coinbase, OKX or Binance is the cheapest way that you can buy crypto with fiat and you can then use any of the above networks to cheaply move your crypto off these exchanges and onto Kucoin so that you can begin trading with it.

How can I transfer to Kucoin without fees?

Transferring from off Kucoin and onto Kucoin will unfortunately incur fees however the fees can vary depending on which network you decide to use. Some networks such as Solana or XLM have very minimal fees which in a lot of cases you will not notice while other networks such as Ethereum can end up costing you $10+.

What is the cheapest way to transfer funds from Binance to Kucoin?

Both Binance and Kucoin support Tron and Solana which are two of the cheapest networks that you can use to transfer funds. When depositing to Kucoin choose one of these two networks to get your deposit address and use that in Binance to withdraw, make sure to double check your withdrawal and deposit network is the same.