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Whether you are trying to grow a personal brand or perhaps trying to grow an NFT project on Twitter, using the correct hashtag is crucial and can be the make or break moment in your Twitter growth journey.

As the NFT community on Twitter keeps growing at an outstanding rate people are realizing the leverage they can obtain by building their own following. Some of the ways that you can leverage your following are:

  • Sell Crypto or NFT trading course
  • Sell membership to an exclusive group
  • Promote projects for a fee

Here at On Chain Updates we actually have a guide specifically for growing a Twitter for a NFT project so if that is your goal check out this guide here.

Key Takeaways

  • Post informational threads
  • Shitpost often but don’t over do it
  • Keep up to date with current events and post about them fast
  • Use the appropriate hashtags

The Best NFT Hashtags For Twitter:

#NFT #Solana #Airdrop #SolanaNFT #SolanaNFTs #NFTGiveaway #Whitelist #NFTWhitelist #Crypto #Opensea #ETHNFT

NFT Twitter Growth Tips

Now that you know what hashtags you should use and target, I’ll lay out a few key pillars to growing your NFT account on Twitter. Follow these and I can damn near guarantee you positive results.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that just like any platform driven by content consistency is key.

Staying Up To Date With Recent Events

The more engagement you can garner on your tweets the better, the more engagement = more eyes on your tweet.

The easiest way you can “farm” engagement is by keeping up with events and news in the NFT space, especially drama. Staying on the ball and being quick of the mark posting about drama or new events can quickly boost your engagement.

Especially in the NFT space posting about drama can quickly grow your following, however it is important to not go too deep down that path and become a negative impact on the space.

Leverage The Following of Larger Accounts

When you are first starting out one of the best ways you can increase your following and get more eyes on your tweets is by leveraging the bigger accounts in the NFT space.

You can easily do this by replying and engaging on their posts, try to keep it as a useful engagement rather than single words and pointless replies. If you can add value to the topic and engage people in conversations it will only be a matter of time before not only people recognize you but also the bigger accounts.

While we are talking about engaging in conversations it is also important that you do this on your own tweets. If someone comments you should always try to reply as this starts to build a trusting relationship.

Here are some of the bigger and more influential NFT accounts in the Solana NFT space:

Informational Threads Vs Shitposting

Content is the key to growing your NFT twitter, two of the most powerful types of content is shit posting which has blown up in the Solana NFT space and information threads.

It is crucial to find a balance between the two. The NFT space loves shit posting however they also love alpha drops so if you can combine the two you are bound to grow a following fast. I like to aim for 3 in-depth information threads per week.

Think of informational tweets as the main pillar of your page while the shitposting is to buffer it up and give your audience a good laugh.

Quality over quantity has never applied more than it does when it comes to these informational threads, people will notice the high quality alpha filled threads and share them.

Looking for the best Solana NFT projects to invest in? Check out our deep dive here.

Scheduling and Researching Tools

Posting tweets and researching topics can take up a lot of time especially if you are just growing the account part time or for fun.

Luckily for us there are tools we can use to schedule tweets, research current events and see what style of tweets are performing the best in our niche. The best that I have found is TweetHunter.

Using TweetHunter you can plug in your niche/keywords and the app will bring up a list of high performing tweets that you can use as a canvas, it also has a feature where you can use their AI to rewrite the tweet and then schedule.

Using TweetHunter you can craft and schedule enough tweets for a whole month in under an hour. This is great, however remember our earlier point about keeping up with current events? Generally you want to be posting about events as soon as they happen so scheduling tools are not applicable to this.

I would recommend using TH (TweetHunter) to view high performing shitposting NFT tweets and then use their AI to re-write these and then schedule them. However your informational threads and current events tweets you will have to do manually.


As mentioned before, consistency is key! The people who grow big followings are the ones that didn’t quit when everyone else did.

Growing an NFT Twitter account can be hard but you can also have a lot of fun doing it and meet a lot of cool people which can pay dividends in this industry.

If you follow the above pillars and use the NFT hashtags I mentioned above I’m sure you will find success, just remember to stick at it. Using a tool such as TH can make the job a lot easier and remove a lot of the manual labor.