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As two of the biggest layer 1 networks in the crypto space Avalanche and Solana have been growing at faster rates than ever, this brings around the subject of where to find and use an AVAX to Solana bridge.

In this guide I will run you through the simplest and safest way for you to bridge from Avalanche to Solana. As Solana is a non-EVM compatible chain there are only a limited few bridges where you can bridge from Avalanche through to Solana.

Key Takeaways

  • Use Portal Bridge to bridge AVAX to Solana
  • Metamask and Phantom wallets are used to do this
  • Always double check information when bridging

The Simplest And Safest AVAX to Solana Bridge – Portal Bridge

Portal Bridge offers a AVAX to Solana bridge as well as a huge range of other networks. The biggest pro of Portal Bridge is the ability to bridge between EVM and non EVM chains which a lot of other bridges such as Synapse does not offer.

Step 1: To bridge from Avalanche to Solana you will need two wallets, one for Solana and one for Avalanche. For this guide I will be using Phantom for Solana and Metamask for Avalanche.

Step 2: Head over to Portal bridge and connect your AVAX wallet, in this case it will be Metamask.


Step 3: Make sure you have Avalanche as your source chain and Solana as your target chain set.

Step 4: Select which token you would like to bridge, in this case it will be Avalanches native token AVAX. Enter the amount you want to bridge to Solana and click Next.

Step 5: This next step is telling the bridge where you want your AVAX tokens bridges to, in this case it is to Solana so it will be being bridged to your Solana native wallet. For this we will be using Phantom.

Step 6: Fill out your Phantom address and select which fee structure you would like to use.

And that is pretty much it, now all you have to do is finish the bridging process and then redeem your tokens in the last step. Bridging tokens can take a little bit of time so don’t stress if you can’t redeem your tokens straight away.

If you have an issue with the bridge or are unsure where your assets are you can join the Portal Bridge Discord and ask any questions in there, the staff are great and will get back to you asap.

Should I be using Avalanche or Solana?

It really depends what you are wanting to do on the networks, both blockchains have their pros and both blockchains have their cons. Avalanche is a great network for DeFi with an abundance of protocols while Solana is a great network for NFTs with a thriving NFT ecosystem that rivals even Ethereums.

Both Solana and Avalanche have been touted as the next Ethereum killer as they boast impressive transaction speeds and very low transaction fees. Avalanche took advantage of these fast transactions and low fees by building a thriving DeFi ecosystem which at the height of the bull run had a TVL of $12.2 billion which placed it in the top 5 largest chains by TVL.

Solana on the other hand took advantage of the fast transactions and low fees by building a thriving NFT ecosystem which rivaled Ethereum and at one stage was processing more NFT related transactions then Ethereum was.

Both blockchains have great technology and great teams leading them, making them two layer 1 blockchains to keep an eye on in the future.

Is bridging safe?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of people losing funds when using bridges or unfortunately being scammed by shady bridges, this gives bridges a bad rap and more often than not deters people away from using them.

Bridging is one of those things in crypto where it can be both safe and unsafe at the same time. A majority of situations when a user loses money while using a bridge it is due to a mistake made by the user, whether it be entering the wrong wallet addresses or bridging tokens that may not be able to be bridged.

When bridging you should always use reputable bridges such as Synapse or the above mentioned Portal Bridge. Always double check the details that you have entered. A lot of bridges such as Synapse and Portal bridge have Discord channels in which you can join to ask any questions if you have any problems while bridging.

Frequently asked questions

Can you bridge from Solana to AVAX?

Yes! You can bridge from Solana to AVAX using the same method as we have spoken about above, just swap around the sending and reciving networks so it is sending from Solana and recieving to Avalanche

How do you bridge to AVAX?

Using the above platform you can bridge from most compatible chains to Avalanche. Since Avalanche is EVM compatable it is also supported by other bridges such as Synapse.

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